Lindy West once said; “To be shrill is to reach above your station; to abandon your duty to soothe & please; in short, to be heard.

This specific quote resonates with me because we all desire to be heard, to have a voice, to be understood & to have a means to interact with the world around us. Welcome to Dose of Pretty. I created this blog as means to share my path with all of you. This blog does not have a clear cut label, its not lifestyle, or travel, it’s me. I wanted to create a blog that merged my two worlds together: 1)Love & Path to medicine & 2) Fashion. I also aim to blog about anything I want to share with all of you, such as my fitness journey, or the great cleanser I have been loving this month. In my eyes life does not fit into one clean little box, so why should my blog? You can be both beautiful & studious, you can have anything you want as long as you work hard to get it.

However, for simplification purposes; here are the 5 W’s of Dose of Pretty:

Who?: Hi, my name is Grace – well its my nickname. I’m a non-traditional premed from NYC with an insane zeal for fashion & what’s beautiful. I am the type of person who always likes to look her best; I dress nice to go food shopping – granted I’m not the girl with an evening dress in the supermarket, but my make up & hair is done & I’m wearing something cute. I believe that proper self care involves taking the time everyday to make sure you look acceptable according to your own standards – which will make you feel good!

What?: Dose of Pretty is my blog that will feature my path to becoming a physician & what I am wearing while on that path. It will also include various fabulous tidbits that you just have to stick around to see.

When?: In real time. I’m currently studying to take the MCAT exam. I have already graduated with my bachelors & my masters but there is still plenty of work to be done.

Where?: All here at this url! This is a WordPress blog.

Why?: Everyone is different. We all think, act & achieve differently. We go through different hurdles & I believe that everyone should have a platform to speak on so we can relate to others. I don’t like being told I can’t do something & I want people to know that if its something you truly want, it’ll happen on your own time. I want my journey to be seen by all & to motivate at least one person to go after a dream they were told they cannot achieve.

Lastly, I would like for you to check out my Live[H0pe]Love page where I share with you one of my motivating factors.

Thank you for reading!

x0x Grace

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